Community Center

October 27, 2021
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The Community Center Building Objective

The community center and our planned allocation of space.


  • Certified training
  • Care for the poor & marginalized
  • Paths to employment
  • Bible teaching & discipleship
  • Language courses
  • Auto mechanics training
  • Music lessons

Costs & Benefits

  1. OUR ASK: Costs & Needs
    This community center will cost around €210,000 of which we have €85,000 saved for the project needing around €125,000 to fund the rest and avoid the banks to save thousands in interest and commission fees.
  2. Gospel & Community Benefit
    By acquiring one structure and collocating various community services, we will be able to have a very active presence alongside of people in their lives and blessing the entire city for a holistic Gospel approach. Not only will we have a home for our growing church plant and an apartment for refugees, but we will also host classes for children, refugees, mechanics & welding, language, music, Bible courses, and much more.
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Conegliano, Italy

Conegliano is a town and comune of the Veneto region, Italy, in the province of Treviso, about 30 kilometres north by rail from the town of Treviso. The population of the city is of 35,023 people. The remains of a 10th-century castle are situated on a hill that dominates the town.

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