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October 26, 2021


Multiple refugee camps began to open in our regions of northern Italy after the initial flood of immigrants in 2015. Thousands of men have remained in the camps without language or work skills and proper training to enter European society. Additionally, the vast majority of these men have never heard about Jesus or personally known a Christian.


Through certified master chefs who volunteer their time and are already in the industry, our training teams can work with each individual which often translates to care and assistance outside the lab. Additionally, through local restaurant owners and certification, we are able to find them jobs as cooks who are in demand.

  • Professional Training
  • Life Care & Skills
  • Path to Employment

Costs & Benefits

  1. OUR ASK: Costs & Needs
    Our costs for the construction and approval of this lab have been approximately €32,000. Our goal is to have this lab become self-sustaining in its annual costs, but we are asking for help to cover the initial investments to start the lab.
  2. Gospel Benefit
    The opportunities to share the Word of Christ continuously open after we share the heart of Christ. By meeting a major, felt-need, we show them that Jesus is real. Most are hearing for the first time in their lives and asking many questions.
  3. Regional Benefit
    There are many restaurants in need of good cooks. By including local restaurant owners in our certification program, we can train our teams in actual restaurant scenarios. Also, our kitchen will be providing ready-made meals for low-income families as well as weekly cooking sessions for the development of Christian community and inviting new contacts to hear the Bible.
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Fontanafredda, Italy

Fontanafredda is a comune of about 12,000 inhabitants in Province of Pordenone, in Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, north-eastern Italy. The town hall is located in the frazione of Vigonovo.

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